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GAR Services & Consulting GAR Services & Consulting srls offre su tutto il territorio nazionale formazione, consulenza e assistenza specializzata sui temi della Sicurezza negli ambienti di lavoro attraverso l’erogazione di numerosi servizi. to provide knowledgeable service and consulting support to the Airport Industry. Today we can see many companies with different level of skills and expertise working on a very complex and at the same time delicate environment as we actually have in the Airport Industry. That’s why need to be applied an specific Health & Safety support able to deal and apply the Airports safety regulations with the capability to fully warranty the safe and correct execution of maintenance works, new construction projects, temporary solutions and layouts, specific and delicate tasks with high risk for the Airport functionality maintaining at all times the perfect integrity of all passengers and users as the necessary operations within the Airport infrastructure (either Land than Air side).

GAR Services & Consulting has a knowledgeable team of Health & Safety Managers and Lawyers with more than 20 years of experience in the Airport Industry to perfectly provide our best support to our clients, partners and associates.

GAR Services & Consulting also provides tender and legal support for Airport companies and Airport staff. Our company can support and help your company to prepare any new tender and opportunity for new projects, services and / or supplies within the Airport Industry. Our lawyers will closely work with your company staff to properly prepare and define the best way / strategy and all required documentation for your new tender and opportunity within the Airport Industry. We have the capabilities (from Technical and Legal point of view) to support your best chances and to fully fill all required tender documentation, certificates, legal declarations etc, etc… avoiding any possible disqualification and / or interruption of your good chances to succeed in your Airport goals and objectives.

GAR Services & Consulting srls e’ Centro di Formazione utorizzato AiFOS e tutti i professionisti e consulenti della GAR Services & Consulting srls , sono in possesso dell’“Attestato di Qualità e Qualificazione professionale dei servizi prestati” rilasciato da AiFOS sulla base della Circolare 1° ottobre 2018 n. 3708/c del Ministero dello Sviluppo Economico.

GAR Services & Consulting it’s an Airport Industry specialized company with capabilities to support Airport authorities, companies, staff and organizations linked to the Airport Industry providing high quality Service and consulting capabilities related to Airport Health & Safety, Technical solutions and Legal requirements.

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